Labradorite Spheres | Includes Free Stand

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Beautiful Labradorite Sphere(s)!
Includes FREE Black, Iron Stand-2" Diameter
Each piece weighs approximately 24-31oz
Approximate Diameter: 3.2"

These particular spheres are more green/dark, with flashes of blue! We personally see more green in these particular pieces. The pictures shown were taken indoors, outdoors WITH sun, and outdoors WITHOUT sun. See how the colors vary in different shades of light!
With the rainbow of brilliant hues, Labradorite properties help to purify your energy and connect you with the energy of light. Hold your Labradorite spheres in your hands observe its vast spectrum of colors, and allow the energy to flow into your aura, filling it with the colors of the rainbow.
Perfect for any table, shelf or mantelpiece!
Each labradorite sphere is unique and will be chosen at random.
Photos taken are examples of the spheres - no 2 are the same. They all differ - all spheres are of the same quality and will be packaged with care.

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