Amethyst Point Specimens | Sold by the kilo | Raw Amethyst Druzy

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Raw Amethyst Specimens | Sold by the Kilo

Natural & Beautiful Amethyst Crystal Clusters!


Weight: 1 Kilogram (2.2lbs)

Some lots will weigh more than one kilo, but never less!

You can expect 4-7 pieces in your lot. Each piece will be about 2-5". Some may be larger!

These beautiful clusters make for a great conversation piece, display or gift.


All Amethyst Clusters are unique and one of a kind. The pieces you will receive will not be the exact same as depicted in the photos. We tried our best to show the many beautiful, different styles than can occur within Amethyst!

Size, shape & color will vary - including shades of: grey/purple, dark purple, and light purple.


Metaphysical : Great for healing energies, feng shui, etc...
Amethyst "enhances intuition and relaxation." An amethyst cluster is the best way to receive the crystal's prime energy. The points of the rock crystal emit soothing vibes in all directions of the room, especially when placed in an open space.