5lb Gold Paydirt "The Nugget Bag" | Gift Wrapped

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 (1)  5 lb bag of Gold Paydirt Concentrates "The Nugget Bag"

Guaranteed Gold!

(1) Glass Vial with every order!

+ FREE "Gold Panning Tips"

 Comes with Red of Silver Gift Bag | Satin, Drawstring

We run a small-scale gold mining operation in Northern Georgia. These sluicebox concentrates come from our gold-dredging and mining operations

When sampling for a paystreak, we save our concentrates from our sluiceboxes. Then, we simply sell the cons to others that enjoy finding gold - without all the heavy cost and hard work!

All of our material is guaranteed to have gold in every pan. 

We encourage you to watch some of our videos and review our feedback!

This 5lb bag contains nuggets &"pickers" as well as fine/smaller gold.

.90 gram+ of raw gold - Guaranteed.

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