Gemstone Sphere Collection | Set of 6 | 6 Large | 75-85mm

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~Collection of 6 Beautiful Gemstone Spheres~

Each Sphere includes an Iron Stand!


Sizes range from 75-85mm (Most of them are around 80mm)

Each Lot weighs approximately 10LBS


100% natural gemstones. Every sphere will vary in size, color and shape. Each lot will include 1 of each type of gemstone listed below. We personally hand-pick our best spheres for you!

This collection includes one of each Gemstone Sphere shown in photos above (6 Spheres total).

(1) BLUE CALCITE Sphere - The color of this Blue Calcite can vary from light blue to a brighter blue. Its main component is calcium carbonate, with an addition of other minerals. Blue Calcite is known as the stone of emotional intelligence & is a rare stone.

(1) POLYCHROME DESERT JASPER Sphere - Polychrome Jasper, also known as Desert Jasper, is a variety of Jasper recently discovered in Madagascar. With distinct shades of brown, red, and tan - these bold colors are caused from inclusions by the metal known as Iron. Polychrome Jasper is a stone that embodies one’s true self and helps you channel your energies to the ones closest to you.

(1) SELENITE Sphere - Known as the "Crystal Ball", Selenite is a calcium sulfate mineral that is the crystallized transparent variety of Gypsum. It comes in shades of pearly white that hit the light beautifully. Known as the "goddess stone" Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon - Selene.

(1) RHODONITE Sphere - This manganese-metasilicate mineral was named from the Greek word meaning “a rose”, due to it’s pink to rose red color. Rhodonite can be found in brownish-red and black varieties with pink inclusions within. A gorgeous mix of Black & Pink.

(1) LABRADORITE Sphere - Unlike most stones, the color displayed from Labradorite does not come from light reflected from the surface of this mineral. Instead, the spectrum of colors that you are seeing is caused by light reflecting off of a twinning surface within the stone. Labradorite harnesses the true potential of our own transformative power.

(1) ARAGONITE Sphere - Aragonite is one of the three calcium carbonate minerals that naturally occurs within mother nature. These beautifully striped, brown & white specimens are known for confidence, self-healing, and personal betterment.

The spheres featured in our photo will not be the exact spheres that you receive. We guarantee that you will receive one of each type listed below and will be between 75-85mm.