Prospecting Kit with Scoop

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(1) 8" Double-Riffle Gold Pan
(1) 12" Double-Riffle Gold Pan
(1) 1/12" Steel-Mesh Classifier
13.25 in Diameter, 3.5 in Depth - Fits Most 5 Gallon Buckets
(1) Prospector's Scoop
(1) 3 oz. Snuffer Bottle
(1) Glass Vial
Our high quality, double-riffle gold pans feature shallow and deep riffles, allowing gold and other heavy minerals to be easily sifted & extracted.

Our Classifier is a must-have item for gold panning and mineral recovery. This classification screen will aid your efforts by sorting your raw materials based on size. 

Scoop up anything from sand to gravel with our 11", durable Prospector's Scoop!
Also great for Metal Detecting - No Metal! Now, you can run your shovel over metal detector without interference!

Suck up the gold with our Snifter vacuum bottle! Comes with a screw-on cap for easy storage.

Store your gold in our glass vial - made of glass with a plastic, screw-on cap.