Gold Panning Kit with Shovel & Gem ID Chart

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(1) 10" Double-Riffle Gold Pan
(1) Black Sand Magnet | 8lb Pull
(1) Hand Shovel
(1) 3 oz Snifter Bottle
(1) - Gemstone Identification Chart
(1) - Glass Vial
Pan for even the finest micron gold with this Double-Riffle, Durable Plastic Gold Pan.

Our 8-lb. Magnetic Separator Pick-Up tool is great to have on hand during the last stage of cleaning up your gold. When panning, you will be left with black sands (mostly iron) along with your gold. Use this magnet to remove the sands, leaving you with beautiful, clean gold! Also great to have on hand for small projects to pick up ferrous metals!
This 11" heavy-duty plastic shovel will not bend or break while digging up hardened dirt clods or tougher soil. Measurements on spade!

Suck up the gold with our Snifter vacuum bottle! Comes with a screw-on cap for easy storage.

Identify Gemstones while prospecting with our 6"x9" Glossed Gem I.D. Chart.

Store your treasures in our glass vial - made of glass with a plastic, screw-on cap.