2 PACK SPECIAL | "Ruby-Emerald-Sapphire" Gemstone Paydirt | 5.5lb

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(1) - 5.5lb. bag of "Ruby-Emerald-Sapphire" Gemstone Paydirt

(1) - Gem Identification Chart

Plus FREE "Gem Screening Tips"

This material contains gems such as:  Many types of Crystal Points, Amethyst, Pyrite, Sodalite, Opal, Quartz, Calcites, Fluorite, Topaz, Aventurine, Jaspers, Citrine, Moonstone, Kyanite, Amazonite, Fuchsite, Tiger’s Eye, Rhodonite, Apatite, Carnelian, Labradorite & much more!
AS WELL AS: Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire


Each bag contains 1.75+lbs of natural gemstones - as well as what's naturally occurring in the paydirt. These gems are raw, uncut & unpolished. 

People of all ages love watching the beautiful gems as they are uncovered!

The gems in the chart are some of the types of gems you will find in this material.

LUCKY BAG: Sluiceboy Prospecting now offers a “Lucky Bag” with 50% more gemstones. Every fifth bag shipped out is a Lucky Bag. Buying quantity (5) of this listing guarantees a Lucky Bag.

  • Each Lucky Bag will be labeled with a gold, foil sticker.
  • To opt out of the Lucky Bag opportunity, just send us a message before your order ships! Ex: some teachers or parties may not want Lucky Bags.


Your satisfaction is always our priority at Sluiceboy Prospecting!


Raw material from creeks and rivers, although cleaned with a magnet & triple -checked, has potential to contain items such as but not limited to - foreign objects, metals, glass, fishing weights, organic matter etc. 

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