Each bag is a potential treasure trove, filled with colorful gemstones waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a gem enthusiast or just love the thrill of discovery, our Gem Paydirt promises an exciting journey into the world of precious stones.


Experience the excitement of real prospecting from the comfort of your home. Each kit is packed with authentic paydirt, and promising the chance to discover genuine gold flakes and nuggets.

“We can't say enough good things about Sluiceboy Prospecting. Great communication! Super fast shipping! Packed with care! And gold!gold!gold! We found 10 pickers.and countless fines. Trusted Seller. We will be back for anotherbag soon.✌️highly recommend.” -Jason Joe and little bear

“Absolutely awesome company! We received our shipment way before we expected it. It was such a great experience for our family get together. Recommend 100% So much fun!” -Roni

“This company is awesome! My order was shipped lightening fast! The geodes and the hammer were all wrapped up separately and packed in a box very securely ensuring their safe delivery. My grandgirls will enjoy cracking them open when I give it to them as a 'last day of school' surprise. I can't wait....I know they'll love it! Super!!” -Marian

“I placed a large order for my 5 year olds Gem Mining themed birthday party and SluiceboyProspecting helped me out enormously. They worked with me to put together a perfect party-giving me their own experiences advice on what products would work or wouldn’t work with the age group and what I had planned. They also put together a custom package tailored to my party. They responded immediately to my every question, and went out of their way to make sure it was shipped quickly to reach me in time for the party. They are an awesome business who not only loves what they do, but makes sure their customers are happy in every way. The party would not have been a success without them involved! Thank you so much!!!” -J.Morris

“Was amazing quality crystals. Highly recommend buying this again” - Michael

“i am OBSESSED. its hard to find gemstone paydirt that has natural, raw gemstones in it (a lot are often dyed). this bag came with all of the gemstones in my picture as well as several smaller ones around the size of a nickel or smaller. all great pieces! i also got around 12 pieces of pyrite! as an artist, i love creating necklaces and keychains with flowers and little gemstones, so the smaller pieces will be perfect for my projects! thank you so much again, definitely recommend!!” -Angie

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Wednesday & Saturday Nights @ 9PM EST

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