Ocean Jasper Palm Stones

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Ocean Jasper Palm Stones

Each palm stone is hand selected from our bulk supply and is completely unique.

Each palm stone is completely unique and may vary in size, shape, and color from what is shown in the photos. The higher quantities tend to have larger pieces. Weights may also vary, but will never be under the guaranteed amount.


Size options available are:

1 Pound – Approx. 4-5 pieces

3 Pounds – Approx. 10-13 pieces

5 pounds – Approx. 16-19 pieces


Ocean Jasper is mined exclusively in Madagascar and showcases a variety of colors ranging from vibrant greens to soothing blues and creamy whites. This beautiful sone gets its name from the resemblance it has to the ocean’s tides meeting the shore. Ocean Jasper is perfect for meditation, decoration, or simply to carry a piece of the sea wherever you go.


Spiritually this stone has been known to aid in emotional healing, promoting inner peace and tranquility. The calming energy of Ocean Jasper can help soothe stress and anxiety, allowing for greater emotional balance and stability.