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Petalite Rough & Natural Crystal | Choose Your Quantity

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Natural Rough Petalite

- your choice in size
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Size ranges from 0.35" - 1.25" in length

Our Petalite is white in color with an occasional pink or smoky hue
Our petalite is all natural and sustainably sourced from Brazil
Perfect for crafting, jewelry or brightening up your space with its positive energy.

Normally petalite is graded and sorted of different qualities to sell, however we have a large mix of unsorted ungraded petalite that has been untouched and acquired many years ago.
Please look at the photos for examples of the quality you will be receiving.

We also offer quantity discounts - anyone interested in buying larger amounts than what is listed please message us.

Petalite is a beautiful and rare lithium aluminum silicate mineral. The high-quality white specimens with a pinkish tinge are less common and are sought after by collectors and gemstone enthusiasts. The clearer the stone - the rarer and more valuable it is. Some collectors and enthusiasts are unaware of this precious gemstone making it the perfect gift. 

Petalite also holds the unique property of providing sustainable energy. The abundance of lithium it provides helps small villages where it is mined have access to clean energy. It is a crucial ingredient in helping to store renewable energy generated from sources like solar and wind. It is also helps in creating lithium ion batteries - rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices, helping to power the modern digital lifestyle.

Not only is petalite a power stone, it is often used in jewelry and crafting. There is a spike in demand for petalite in wedding rings and necklaces. Petalite is cut into various gemstone shapes, including faceted cuts, cabochons, and beads. Its colorless to white or occasionally pink hues, along with its high transparency, make it an attractive choice for jewelry designers.

In metaphysical and spiritual practices, petalite is believed to have calming and balancing properties bringing positive energy. It is sometimes used as a crystal for meditation and stress relief.