5lb Gold Paydirt "The Nugget Bag"

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 (1)  5lb bag of Gold Paydirt "The Nugget Bag"

Guaranteed Gold!

(1) Glass Vial with every order!

+ FREE "Gold Panning Tips"

Our Best ROI Bags! 


We run a small-scale gold mining operation in Northern Georgia. These sluicebox concentrates come from our gold-dredging and mining operations AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE!

All of our material is guaranteed to have gold in every pan. 

This 5lb bag contains NUGGETS, Pickers & smaller/fine gold.

1.10+ grams of Gold - Guaranteed.

 Your satisfaction is always our priority at Sluiceboy Prospecting!

Raw material from creeks and rivers, although cleaned with a magnet & triple -checked, has potential to contain items such as but not limited to - foreign objects, metals, glass, fishing weights, organic matter etc.  

The video below is an example of what our 1/2 LB Bags look like.

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