Orthoceras Fossil | Oblong Shaped Free Forms

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Quantity of (1) or (3) Orthoceras Free Forms


1/2 lb each 

5+ inches in length 

3+ inches in width 

Comes with an Orthoceras Information Card

 Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal. These fossils are then cut and polished into the egg shape. The fossils commonly known as orthoceras are extinct "straight-shelled" cephalopods.

 Found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Orthoceras are an extinct Nautiloid cephalopod that lived from the Ordovician Period to the Triassic Period (500 – 200 million years ago).

Each piece is unique & different-with a variety of different fossilized orthoceras shells. Found in a black matrix, the white fossils contrast nicely.

 The pieces you receive will be similar to as pictured, but not exact. They all have different coloration and shapes!