Birthday Parties & Events

Here at Sluiceboy Prospecting, we love working with our customers to build an awesome mining experience for any party/event! We offer Gold-Panning & Gem-Screening Kits for any-sized group! Mining for gold & gems is an experience that is truly unforgettable- and always a hit at any party!

Everyone loves screening for gems - especially the little ones!

"How do you host a Gemstone Party?"
 It's a question we get often. 
It's easy.

We can either supply each person with a bag of their own Gemstone Paydirt, or you can choose our 18 lb "Motherlode" bags - and let everyone scoop out paydirt as they please!

All you need is a container of water (Kiddie-pools are a customer go-to).


Each of our Birthday Kits include: Gemstone Paydirt, Classifying Screen, Hand Shovel, Sluiceboy's "Gem Identification Chart", "Gem Screening Tips" & Glass Vial.

We also send a clear, 10" Poly Bag w/ Gold Twist Tie - in case you'd like to make a "goody bag", for everyone to take home their new GEMSTONES -  as well as their mining supplies for future prospecting!

We've also added a small bag of TUMBLED gemstones - just for fun!


 Also available in GOLD Paydirt Kits


Currently, we are selling these kits in groups of 4. Add on extra kits to adequately supply your guests! CLlCK HERE to get your party started!