Birthday Parties & Events

Here at Sluiceboy Prospecting, we love working with our customers to build an awesome mining experience for any party/event! We offer Gold-Panning & Gem-Screening Kits for any-sized group! Mining for gold & gems is an experience that is truly unforgettable- and is always a hit at any party!

Everyone loves screening for gems - especially the little ones!

"How do you host a Gemstone Party?"
 It's a question we get often. 
It's easy.

We can either supply each person with a bag of their own Gemstone Paydirt, or you can choose our 20 lb "Motherlode" bags - and let everyone scoop out paydirt as they please!

All you need is a container of water (Kiddie-pools are a customer go-to).

Each of our Birthday Kits include a: Paydirt containing raw gemstones, Classifying Screen, Prospector's Hand Shovel, Sluiceboy's "Gemstone Identification Chart" , "Gem Screening Tips", Glass Vial.

We also send a clear, 10" Poly Bag w/ Gold Twist Tie - in case you'd like to make a "goody bag" and/or everyone to take home their mining supplies for future prospecting! As well as their new GEMSTONES!

We've also added a small bag of TUMBLED gemstones - just for fun!


Currently, we are selling these kits in groups of 4. Add on extra kits to adequately supply your guests! CLlCK HERE to get your party started!