Customer Reviews

Scott on Dec 18, 2021
incredibly fast shipping! it took only 2 days for my item to arrive! STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/8" MESH



kmitchell1682 on Dec 15, 2021
Great item and great service. A perfect addition to my nephews new rock collection gift. PACK OF 2 - GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHARTS

catstehr on Dec 13, 2021
Came quickly. Will be a nice present for my gold mining uncle. POCKET SIZED SLUICE BOX | HARD RUBBER STREAM SLUICE




Stephanie on Dec 11, 2021
Fast shipping! Great customer service!


Jody on Nov 19, 2021
Excellent heavy-duty hand trowel. There is a seed depth ruler on the inside of the trowel, a rubberized thumbpad on the handle for grip, and an eyelet (hole) on the end of the handle to hang the trowel for storage. And it's bright orange so you can't lose it among your tools. HEAVY-DUTY HAND SHOVEL



Joanne on Nov 15, 2021
Very happy with this item. Fast shipping too. Thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 5LB



Jennifer on Nov 13, 2021
5 stars. Amazing customer service. Super super fast shipping. My daughters will be opening them on Christmas so I don’t have pictures yet but very happy with everything so far! Will post pics if possible after they open! "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 18LB



Daniel on Nov 12, 2021
Very high quality item just as described. Exceeded my expectations.
Also, seller was very prompt on shipping the item. STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/4" MESH



Meaghan on Nov 10, 2021
I bought this for my friends kid and she had a blast! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT




Pepper on Nov 9, 2021
Not just for kids, but also for adults that like to dig for things. :) I can't wait to give this to my dad as a Christmas gift. I even added a couple extra fancy items to surprise him. The red gift bag is beautiful. Very happy. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 8LB | GIFT WRAPPED





bethisland on Nov 8, 2021
Beautiful and heavy weight. This is exactly what I needed for daily use at my work desk. Thanks again. 5X HAND HELD MAGNIFIER






Ariel on Nov 7, 2021
Amazing as always- third time buying "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 18LB





Sue on Oct 31, 2021
Good sturdy card. Laminated so will hold up. As described, small. Met expectations. GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART





goldwind24 on Oct 31, 2021
I bought this as a gift and they loved it! Great for kids and adults! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 5LB





Dana on Oct 30, 2021
Exactly what I wanted. fast shipping 5X HAND HELD MAGNIFIER





Rachel on Oct 27, 2021
Exactly as described! Great gift! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 5LB




Marley on Oct 27, 2021
Lots of gorgeous rough crystals! Absolutely worth the price! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 5LB




Kim on Oct 19, 2021
This is just perfect for rock hunting!! My husband loves it!!! STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/4" MESH




Anjele on Oct 18, 2021
Shipping was very fast! I can't wait to try it them out! 5 PIECE SIFTING PAN SET | CLASSIFIER SCREEN SET IN BOX




Alison on Oct 11, 2021
Just as advertised. Good little panning practice for my husband. 2.5LB GOLD PAYDIRT - "THE PICKER BAG"




Andrea on Oct 9, 2021
Amazing! I can't believe how fast it got here! I'll def shop here again! Thank you! GOLD MINING KIT | SMALL




Andrea on Oct 9, 2021
Amazing! I can't believe how fast it got here! I'll def shop here again! Thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Stephanie on Oct 8, 2021
Our daughter really enjoyed this. Tons of fun at home! We will definitely be back. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 5LB





Michael on Oct 7, 2021
well made. I am using it to screen inflows for my rainwater catchment, Fits a 5 gal perfectly. STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/100" MESH




Charlotte on Oct 5, 2021
I received an additional one too as a gift! GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART



 on Oct 4, 2021
Very nice and easy to read GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART




Wendy on Oct 4, 2021
Haven't tried it out yet, but the round shape, perfect depth and seemingly sturdy construction make it likely that it will supplant the heavier, bulky homemade wood-frame screen I've used for years STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/4" MESH




Marie on Oct 2, 2021
Customer service is top notch! When I had a small question about the cost of adding another sieve since it would be used by both my five and six year old girls, they added both a sieve and an extra gemstone chart (which I didn’t even inquire about). Haven’t used the product yet as it is a Christmas gift but I am sure it will be great! Thank you so much for going above and beyond! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT




Chelle’ on Sep 30, 2021
Works as expected! Thank you kindly! MAGNETIC SEPARATOR PICK-UP TOOL | 8 LB. PULL | BLACK SAND MAGNET




Bernard on Sep 30, 2021
Well made, timely delivery and as described COURSE SET | STACKABLE CLASSIFIER SCREENS | 3 PACK



Karen on Sep 29, 2021
This was a great gift for my sons birthday. Looking forward to getting a few more for friends birthdays! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT

Sluiceboy Prospecting Paydirt




Jeff on Sep 27, 2021
Nice and quick shipping and delivery too. The magnetic separator works great and very easy to use. Definitely this tool exceeded my expectations. Would holy recommend this seller and tool as well. Many Thanks in making the separation job much easier. MAGNETIC SEPARATOR PICK-UP TOOL | 8 LB. PULL | BLACK SAND MAGNET




Ariel on Sep 26, 2021
My second order in a month and I would do it again. I love the rocks I received in this one, and i had messages the seller about something and he included a free sapphire! Not a bad thing to say about this at all. "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT | 18LB




Sharon on Sep 22, 2021
My grandson will just love the chart! Thanks again! GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART




Ariel on Sep 13, 2021
This was amazing! I’m halfway through and it’s already worth ten times the price! I have gotten one of every kind besides a sapphire, and there is lots of calcite! I would so recommend! GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT




Angel on Sep 12, 2021
I have ordered a few times from this shop and I've always been happy with what I receive! 10/10 GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT

Sluiceboy Prospecting Gemstones



kayleighstar1 on Sep 2, 2021
the shipping was serially fast. last minute birthday present for my son and it showed up with tons of time to spare. so happy, so grateful. ULTIMATE GOLD MINER'S KIT WITH EXTENDABLE SLUICEBOX



Haley on Sep 1, 2021
I bought this for my boyfriend for our first anniversary! 20/10 would purchase from them again. I’ve grown up visiting the north georgia mountains making this gift even more special to give. 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT

Sluiceboy Prospecting Gold Paydirt



George on Aug 29, 2021
Good item and fast shipping "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Jesse on Aug 29, 2021
Great for RVs, trucks and travel. Really good quality. Tough! CAMPING TOOL | 7-IN-1 | STAINLESS STEEL



margoknits on Aug 27, 2021
Fits perfectly on top of a 5-gallon bucket and is very sturdy. I’m using it for screening homemade compost. STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/4" MESH



Starla on Aug 21, 2021
The packaged the item perfectly. Thank you! CAMPING TOOL | 7-IN-1 | STAINLESS STEEL



Carol on Aug 20, 2021
My daughter really enjoyed this. Great job "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



hey on Aug 19, 2021
i did this with my little sister and we both loved it the rocks are beautiful "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



matt on Aug 16, 2021
A very satisfied customer I had a minor issue with my order and reached out to the people at Sluiceboy and they were on top of it and made sure it was taken care of. I would definitely buy from SluiceboyProspecting again as well as recommend to others. POCKET SIZED SLUICE BOX | HARD RUBBER STREAM SLUICE



Darlene on Aug 16, 2021
Nice product, very helpful and fair price GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART



Shara on Aug 14, 2021
Came as described so that was great! PLASTIC FEED/SEED SCOOP



Shelley on Aug 10, 2021
Great place to order stuff from.....5 PIECE SIFTING PAN SET | CLASSIFIER SCREEN SET IN BOX



Emily and Libby on Aug 10, 2021
We had so much fun with this GOLD MINING KIT | SMALL



Larry on Jul 31, 2021



Mandy Jul 27, 2021
When I say that this was my best purchase, I mean it. I honestly had the best experience with the seller. I was treated so kindly & the customer service was excellent and always prompt & helpful. After telling them about how much my mother enjoyed rocks, crystals, etc, they sent her a BIG crystal for free! I can't remember the last time that a seller or store made me feel this appreciated & valued. I thought it was super cool that they have their own YouTube channel that shows the process of where these beautiful gems come from! I have yet to open either bag as I'm patiently waiting until tomorrow to enjoy the experience with my mom. That being said, I know it'll be awesome & I'm really looking forward to it. The shipping was super fast, & I will definitely be back for more! Subscribe to their YouTube channel!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT

Sluiceboy Prospecting




Brooke Smith on Jul 27, 2021
I bought 3 for some summer fun with my daughter and nieces (5, 9, & 10), they had a lot of fun sifting the rocks. They were so excited to see the variety and amount. They all got a majority of the stones on the cards. Will definitely buy this again! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 




Stephanie V on J
ul 25, 2021
this was a fun bag to go thru and I found a ton of treasures "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Dennis on Jul 16, 2021
Arrived extremely well-packaged. Not a single crack--not even a scratch. Thank you! PACK OF 12 GLASS VIALS | LEAK PROOF | 3ML



ROLAND on Jul 12, 2021
Fast delivery 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT

Sluiceboy Prospecting Paydirt



Rheann on Jul 12, 2021
Fantastic as always, thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Rheann on Jul 12, 2021
All the kids in my family ABSOLUTELY love mining these bags. We usually carefully divide the bags up into galvanized pails and give them tiny scoops. It's fantastic and creates so many wonderful memories with family we don't get to see often. I will always be back for more <3 "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Cody on Jul 9, 2021
Just what I needed for a vendor show! Thanks! PACK OF 2 - GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHARTS



Emma on Jul 2, 2021
Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I got this for my brother for his 8th birthday and he had so much fun finding them. I really enjoyed it too. The crystals themselves are super great quality. Worth every penny. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Jaz on Jul 1, 2021
great quality very sturdy bought these for me and my brother and we well use them this weekend. super excited! STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/12" MESH



Wanda on Jun 30, 2021
Thank you so much fast delivery PACK OF 2 - GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHARTS


Lizabeth on Jun 29, 2021
Quick shipping and very please with the amount of gold recovered. I will be buying from SluiceboyProspecting again! 2.5LB GOLD PAYDIRT - "THE PICKER BAG"



Cecil on Jun 26, 2021
I bought this for my niece who is obsessed with rock,stones and gems this had everything she could have wanted, she loved it. GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Yuuki on Jun 25, 2021
This bag arrived very fast! Seller shipped immediately. We had a lot of fun sifting through the material and found many beautiful rocks in big sizes. We also checked for gold, but our bag contained only two small flakes of Pyrite. Nevertheless it was a very fun experience. I would purchase again and recommend to others. Thank you!  "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Wanda on Jun 24, 2021



Judy A.  on Jun 22, 2021
I am in awe of all the so beautiful gemstones and crystals I found in this one bag. I have never seen so many fantastic stones, even gemstones. I will definitely be ordering another bag like this one, from Sluiceboy Prospecting. You are awesome!! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB

Ruby Emerald Sapphire Paydirt



Amy on Jun 10, 2021
This is my second purchase, it was a gift. The recipient loves paydirt! It is so fun to do as a family and the kids super love to see the sparkle. I totally suggest as a gift that is unique and fun. 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT



Julie on Jun 9, 2021
This was a fun bag to pan! Thank you! 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT



Mitch on Jun 7, 2021
Super quick turnaround time from order placement to receiving. Product was a lot of fun to do with the kids GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- MEDIUM



jessirae631 on Jun 7, 2021
Great product! I got it for my husband for Father’s Day and he has found quite a bit and has only sifted less than half of the bag!!! 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT


Kindra on Jun 5, 2021
Fast shipping. Item as described. My father-in-law will really like it for Father’s Day. Thanks. 5 PIECE SIFTING PAN SET | CLASSIFIER SCREEN SET IN BOX



Katie on Jun 3, 2021
My friend loved this for her birthday! Shipped super fast as well. All around great store and I plan on being a repeat customer! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Savannah on Jun 1, 2021
Smaller than I had expected but they get the job done STACKABLE CLASSIFYING SCREENS - 10 & 30 MESH
STACKABLE CLASSIFYING SCREENS - 10 & 30 MESH | Sifting Pans | Earth Sifters



sheila on May 31, 2021
as described and quick shipping STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER SCREEN | 1/4" MESH



Taylor on May 31, 2021
I had a a lot of fun and found many gems :) "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB

Gemstone Paydirt by Sluiceboy Prospecting | Rock Gem Dig | Natural Gems



Aaron on May 31, 2021
Wife loved it. Thought it got lost in the mail, turned out USPS delivered to the neighbors house. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Kurt May 28, 2021
I got this bag for my two daughters and they just loved it. As soon as they opened the bag they started finding all kinds of gems and other beautiful treasures. Thank you again it is awesome. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Korina on May 26, 2021
Got this as a gift for my dad and he loves it GOLD MINING KIT - MEDIUM



Michelle on May 26, 2021
Item as described. Arrived quickly and packaged well. Thanks so much!! PLASTIC SAND SCOOP FOR METAL DETECTING | CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!



Michelle on May 25, 2021
my daughter had so much fun doing this. great item that showed up quickly! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Andrea on May 22, 2021
It's sturdy enough to get the gem mining job done SAND SIEVE/CLASSIFIER



Gina on May 18, 2021
Insanely fast delivery. My daughter LOVED it. Will buy again. Thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kaitlyn on May 17, 2021
Really cool gems from this bag! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Kaitlyn on May 17, 2021
My son really enjoyed this! GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- LARGE


alyssa on May 14, 2021
the rocks were so pretty lololol  "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



adegano on May 13, 2021
I used these for a covid-friendly activity for my 7 year old son's playground birthday party. Two friends joined for an outdoor celebration, and this activity was a huge hit! Packaged well, quick shipping, and superb customer service. Thank you. 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Kindred on May 12, 2021
Product received is as described, and delivered safely. Shipped promptly 



Ellen on May 10, 2021
So excited to see what we get! Shipping was fast, and the seller was fantastic. They answered all my questions quickly and made sure my order arrived safely! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Ellen on May 10, 2021
This screen will be perfect for it's job! The seller even threw in an extra gift - so appreciated!! SAND SIEVE/CLASSIFIER



JackieJ1256 on May 9, 2021
I purchased this for a birthday gift. Everything was well packaged and it arrived very quickly. Can’t wait for the treasure hunt to begin. 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Shawn W on May 6, 2021
Was the perfect gift idea. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Tia on May 5, 2021
Absolutely loved it!! All the crystals were beautiful! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Amy on May 5, 2021
I would 100% buy again from this company. Quality seems so far to be excellent. This is a gift so I did not open the bag of pay dirt but just through the clear bag you can see the sparkles of gold. Very cool... this was a gift and had excellent shipping. Can’t wait to purchase more for the future. GOLD MINING KIT - MEDIUM



Amy on May 5, 2021
This package came fast. I opened the box and it was shipped beautifully and the bag of pay dirt you can clearly see gold flakes... very exciting. This is a gift. GOLD MINING KIT - MEDIUM



Nikki on May 4, 2021
Got a ton of amazing stuff! Definitely worth the money! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



River on Apr 27, 2021
this was perfect! it came with so many pretty crystals ! 



Kimmi on Apr 25, 2021
Was very happy. Had a lot of fun! There was a lot of extra smaller stones but had a lot of fun! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 




Lea on Apr 21, 2021



Dylan on Apr 16, 2021
Said it would come in 2 weeks and came in a few days havent gone through it but already seeing really cool gems. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kristin on Apr 16, 2021
Awesome Gem bag!!! Definitely will buy another in the future! If you want large gem stones I would 100% recommend✨ "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 18LB



Carole on Apr 14, 2021



Leslie on Apr 14, 2021
Quick shipping & quality item so far, but excited to test it out this weekend. 



Monse on Apr 12, 2021
Great kit! My students had a lot of fun with it "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Alex on Apr 9, 2021
Fabulous purchase!! Bag was full of lots of stuff!! Loved them! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



adegano on May 13, 2021
I used these for a covid-friendly activity for my 7 year old son's playground birthday party. Two friends joined for an outdoor celebration, and this activity was a huge hit! Packaged well, quick shipping, and superb customer service. Thank you. 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Brittany on Apr 8, 2021
it was so much fun finding all these beautiful little treasures! I definitely recommend to anyone that loves finding shiny things!!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



menchacafamily on Apr 6, 2021
My granddaughter enjoyed it very much. GEM MINING KIT WITH STEEL-MESH CLASSIFIER


sixsigman on Apr 5, 2021
Great product. My daughter found lots of gems. Nice large stones. Would buy again. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Penelope on Apr 4, 2021
Great mix of stones and quick shipping! We had fun and got some great pieces. "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Tisha on Apr 2, 2021
My daughter loved this! She got several crystals she’s been looking for. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Melanie on Apr 2, 2021
Great little bottles! Thank you!! PACK OF 12 GLASS VIALS | LEAK PROOF | 3ML



Jennifer on Apr 1, 2021
Really fast shipping!! Love them! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Randa S on Mar 26, 2021
My children absolutely loved searching for their gems! The shipping was fast, which was great for inpatient kids! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT




Becca on Mar 26, 2021




Randa S on Mar 26, 2021
My son LOVED this! Very fast shipping. GOLD MINING KIT - SMALL



Jesus on Mar 26, 2021
Loved the collection of rocks and gems. GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Courtney on Mar 23, 2021
My daughter loved the bag will do again "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Andrew on Mar 23, 2021
shipped quicker then I thought, can't complain. "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Brandon on Mar 22, 2021
really enjoyed doing this with the kids. Very nice quality stones. 



Helena on Mar 20, 2021
Perfect for outdoor party! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT

Gem Mining Party



Haley on Mar 20, 2021
Super pleased with my purchase! Found many gorgeous gems, my kids enjoyed going through and finding them with me. Quick shipping as well, within a few days! I plan on purchasing again! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Tinamarie on Mar 17, 2021
Amazing !! Bought as a gift . They shipped right away and it was a hit ! Couldn't believe how much was in the bag. Would definitely recommend and order again "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Kay on Mar 17, 2021
Bought as a gift. Family loved it. Will likely be back for more.



Kimmi Mar 16, 2021
I recommended this to all my friends in our metaphysical chat. So fun and I love the surprise and researching what you get. I got all of this out of 1 bag. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB

Sluiceboy Prospecting Gemstones



erintotosz on Mar 10, 2021
Ordered this as a birthday gift for my daughter’s best friend and it was a hit! They had so much fun panning for gems! The stones are beautiful and there were a lot more in there than I expected. Shipping was super fast - will definitely be visiting this shop again! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



william on Mar 8, 2021
yes just what I needed .....good stuff SNUFFER BOTTLES - PACK OF 3



Bethanie on Mar 6, 2021
this was a gift for my nephew who loves it! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Nicole on Mar 4, 2021
It was a smaller bag than I expected, so read that it’s only Ounces, that said there was some gold in the bag. It was great to learn from and what to look for. 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT



 Mar 2, 2021
I saw people on Tik Tok getting paydirt and finding some cool stones and wanted to give it a try myself. I'm a grown adult and I'm having so much fun sifting through the dirt and uncovering all the stones. I've only gotten through half of a bag and I've already found some amazing ones! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates rocks and gems. GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT

TikTok Gemstone Paydirt


Julia R
 Feb 27, 2021
AMAZING!! It did come a little late but that is no fault of the seller as it sat at the distribution center in my city for a few days. But omg!! They are so beautiful and arrived just in time for me to charge them under the full moon! I can't wait to place a second order "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kacper on Feb 26, 2021
It came very well packaged to ensure it got here in one piece! PACK OF (2) SAND SIEVES/CLASSIFIERS




Norine on Feb 25, 2021
I gave this is a gift to my 5 year old Grandson, he loved it! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Penny Davis Feb 25, 2021
So much fun to wash the dirt away. GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT - SMALL 

 Gold & Gemstone Mining Kit 



Corlis on Feb 25, 2021
I am very pleased with my little Gold pan. It is small but will suit my needs perfectly. I have not used the pan , sniffer bottle or paydirt , nor the vial yet. But am looking forward in doing so soon. Giving thumbs up to the service I received in getting that to me. GOLD MINING KIT - SMALL



Sadie on Feb 24, 2021
Awesome seller. Awesome product! 2 PACK | SERRATED EDGE SHOVEL DIGGERS




brieanag on Feb 23, 2021
Beautiful gems, I loved this bag so much, i will definitely be ordering again. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Tammie W on Feb 23, 2021
Great kit, my kids are loving it GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- MEDIUM



 Feb 20, 2021
What a fantastic product and company! It shipped super fast! I bought as an at home activity for my son for his birthday and it was a huge hit. He’s so happy!!!! Will 100% order again!!!! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Lindsey on Feb 20, 2021
These folks are so amazing! I sent a message confirming that we'd receive our order in time for my son's birthday. Not only did they respond right away, but they shipped it quickly and with a very nice little birthday sentiment for him :). Thank you!!! The gemstone 'dig' was a hit and we'll absolutely be repeat customers <3 "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Dian on Feb 19, 2021
I was surprised by how soon it arrived. It's just what I needed. GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART



Shannon on Feb 18, 2021
Just what I needed . Thank you SNUFFER BOTTLES - PACK OF 3



 Feb 16, 2021
Very worth the price! I was afraid when I first saw it in the mail because it was smaller than I thought but, there was so much value inside!! Highly recommend :D "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Becca S
 Feb 16, 2021
Loved it! Had such a good time & the pieces are so nice for the price. Shipped very quickly as well! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 




Lisa on Feb 15, 2021
My daughter loved this gift. She is eighteen. Great gift for any age.   "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



mommagirlbtq on Feb 14, 2021
This is the perfect size for beginners into gem mining. Easy to use, and clean. Shipping was faster than expected. 5" CLASSIFYING SCREEN - 10 MESH



Erika on Feb 13, 2021
Was a gift, she loved it  "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



McAvoy on Feb 13, 2021
Very excited. Can't wait to use it! PLASTIC SAND SCOOP FOR METAL DETECTING



Kimmi on Feb 11, 2021
This shipped super fast and was soooo much fun...So many beautiful stones and a beautiful picture list to see what we got...Thank you so much..100% recommend..Will gladly buy again "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Monse on Feb 10, 2021
Had a great variety and quantity of gemstones in the bag. Would purchase again. Very happy with my purchase, made for a great gift. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Helena on Feb 8, 2021
Very happy with the kits & excellent customer service! GEM MINING BIRTHDAY PARTY KIT - 8LB. BAGS - GROUP OF FOUR



Kellene on Feb 3, 2021
Excellent! I bought this for my 14 year old and she just loves it! I’m sure we will be buying more pay dirt soon! GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- MEDIUM



Amanda on Feb 3, 2021 
I got it for my moms birthday and we found so many cool stones and crystals <3 "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



 Feb 3, 2021




TRICIA on Jan 28, 2021
The sheer amount of incredible finds in this bag was amazing! So many sizes, shapes and colors. It was hands down the best birthday gift we got for our daughter. Her collection grew by 200% after she sifted through it all! 10/10 would recommend "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Dakota on Jan 26, 2021
Lovely date idea!!!! Me and my partner had so much fun doing it, definitely a great quarantine date :- )"BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Alexis on Jan 26, 2021
I will 100% be buying again would recommend this seller I received the 5lb pay dirt will buy bigger ones sometime soon "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Elsie M on Jan 23, 2021
It's great for the kids in school. Big help. GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CHART



Erin C on Jan 21, 2021
It shipped very quickly, can’t wait to try it! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Morgan K on Jan 21, 2021
This was a fun item to sluice and I got some good stones from it. I would definitely recommend buying from this seller. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB 



Matt on Jan 19, 2021
Favorite was the sapphire gemstone "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



jaspernlilly15 on Jan 18, 2021
We had a blast finding the gems. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 


chassyann on Jan 18, 2021
This was so much fun! My 7 year old son and I love this. Thank you!!!!!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Allison on Jan 17, 2021
I got this and another bag for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved both of them! It came with so many crystals and cool rocks. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB 



Laura on Jan 16, 2021
We had a blast sifting for all the gems in this bag. We ended up finding a number of beautiful stones. Well worth the price! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Mariah on Jan 14, 2021
Loved it! On top of an abundance of crystals and gemstones i got a few unique banded rocks. I will definitely be ordering another bag!! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Emily on Jan 12, 2021
Beautiful crystals. It was really fun getting to sift through everything and find them all. Thank you so much! 





Brady on Jan 11, 2021
Our nephew loved digging in the dirt and finding the gems! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Alex on Jan 11, 2021
Pleasantly surprised by the amount of goodies in this bag. Large variety as well! Shipped and delivered within a few days, super quick! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Shannon on Jan 11, 2021
Excellent product and customer service! Thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Alex on Jan 11, 2021
This kit exceeded my expectations. All of the gemstones are genuine, good quality, and good sizes. The customer service was great and they even helped me fulfill and special request. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they don’t like the smaller pebbles that they use for a buffer in the bags. That is completely normal, especially if you were to go to a sluiceway and purchase a bucket. I also received some really good quality Sapphires, Rubys, Emerald, Amethyst, Blue Calcite, Honey Calcite, Rhodonite, and Clear Quartz points. I would recommend this to a beginner or collector such as myself. GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT




ProbablyOlly on Jan 9, 2021
such a cool gift and fun activity:-) "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kara on Jan 8, 2021
i loved it very nice GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Abigail on Jan 7, 2021
The gems in this item were beautiful and made my 9 year old cousin happy! GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- MEDIUM



Ella on Jan 7, 2021
Got this for my friend for Christmas and she loved it she immediately started looking for the rocks and really loved it "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



cecilia on Jan 6, 2021
if i could leave ten stars i would!!! i found 20 plus crystals! buying more right now "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Julie on Jan 5, 2021
Both my 16 year old and my 8 year old love rocks and absolutely loved doing this! I am so impressed with the quality, and will soon be ordering more for my other 2 daughters. GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT & 5" CLASSIFIER



Kendra on Jan 4, 2021
My children and I had a BLAST with this!! Ordering again!!! THANK YOU for sharing little bits of nature’s gifts with us!! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB


ashlee on Jan 4, 2021
I’ve bought all over the web different gem paydirt bags I have come to the conclusion that this is literally the very best one big crystals very few chips very few small slivers And everything is just absolutely beautiful   "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB"MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB



Michelle on Jan 3, 2021
I got this as a gift for my niece and nephew, it was a HIT, they absolutely loved the kit 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Taylor on Jan 3, 2021
Wow this was such an experience! So pretty! I love my gems! def will buy another 8lb one again. Got almost everything on the ID chart except for a few. But it’s okay I appreciate it. Came later than expected bc of holiday rush but I completely understand & I am more than happy with the outcome."BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LBBEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



mountainlion1 on Jan 2, 2021
Great beginners setup. Thank you so much! GOLD MINING KIT - SMALL




Kate on Jan 2, 2021
My son has been loving it! He’s found lots of little treasures. 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT




Marla on Jan 1, 2021
Super awesome ! My kids were so excited!!! We love the rocks!! Very large rocks too! GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT




Angela on Dec 29, 2020
Wonderful! Thank you! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Marjorie on Dec 28, 2020
My item didn't arrive and the company refunded my money without me even asking. Thank you! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Angel on Dec 27, 2020
Perfect for a curious boy for Christmas! 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT



Tracey on Dec 26, 2020
Great finds!!!! Definitely worth it! Loads of fun!"BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB




Rebecca on Dec 26, 2020
Good packaging. Id card is a nice addition."BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Rachel on Dec 25, 2020
I used to sift through pay dirt relatively frequently when I lived in North Carolina as it was a common fieldtrip to make in school and a part of the state culture that I didn't fully appreciate until I moved away. I just recently came to the realization that my boyfriend, having lived in Texas his whole life, had never gotten to look for gems in pay dirt! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share a part of my childhood with him! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Amber on Dec 25, 2020
Got this for my mom for Christmas and she loved it so much! Will be purchasing again. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kim on Dec 25, 2020
The coolest different looking gems that I have ever seen. Wonderful customer service and my daughter loves it! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Sebastian on Dec 25, 2020
Amazing discoveries, loved the rocks I received. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Anne on Dec 24, 2020
Great customer service at this busy time of year. Couldn't believe it arrived before Christmas! Thank you! 30" LIGHT WEIGHT GREEN SLUICE BOX WITH SHOULDER STRAP & CARABINERS



Liddy76 on Dec 24, 2020
Item was ordered some time ago. It did arrive late but I believe this was due to all the holiday delays. Product is as described. Looking forward to using with my gem bag. SAND SIEVE/CLASSIFIER



goose on Dec 23, 2020



Grace on Dec 22, 2020
Bought as a gift. The birthday boy was so excited. 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT



Rene on Dec 21, 2020
It was awesome the dirt did have gold in it it was flower gold but I got it all. It was very fun thank you.GOLD MINING KIT - MEDIUM



Angela on Dec 20, 2020
So psyched to gift these. Everything perfect- highly recommend!! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Celia on Dec 19, 2020
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. DELUXE GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



Lolly on Dec 17, 2020
My hobby prospector was so happy to get this for his backpack prospecting kit! POCKET SIZED SLUICE BOX | HARD RUBBER STREAM SLUICE



Connie on Dec 16, 2020



James on Dec 16, 2020
Happy with this one it would be nice if it was little bigger 10" would be perfect I thank you for what I have. 5" CLASSIFYING SCREEN - 10 MESH



Michele on Dec 15, 2020
This is a Christmas gift so I’m excited to see the smile when she opens it! Fast shipping even during the holidays. Thanks so much. "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Ian on Dec 15, 2020
I haven’t had the best experiences on this app but these guys are great. Very very quick shipping, very friendly crew, and a great product. Would recommend them to anyone and is a great gift for nature lovers. Merry Christmas   "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Nelly on Dec 14, 2020
I love this so much! so happy with what I got ! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



haleymhirsch on Dec 14, 2020
Arrived quickly and everything looks awesome! Can't wait to give it on xmas to my Gold Rush-watching dad! GOLD MINING KIT - MEDIUM



Elijah on Dec 13, 2020
Got my heavy 5 lb bag of paydirt! So excited for my children to see! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Kayla on Dec 10, 2020
I got this as a Christmas present and I am so excited to see him open it! Shipping was quick and I loved all the information and stuff that came with it! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Candee on Dec 10, 2020
It's wonderful keeps my kiddo busy!!! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Linda on Dec 7, 2020
Bought this for a Christmas gift, and delivery was very fast! Awesome experience! Highly recommend! 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT



Donna on Dec 3, 2020
Fast delivery! Item as promised! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Jenifer Eisenman on Dec 2, 2020
Absolutely the best online shopping experience I have ever had! The seller went above and beyond to customize a package for our party needs and ship it. He was even working with us past midnight to make sure the package was ready to be shipped that day. Such a wonderful, kind person. And the gems were a great quality! Thank you GEM MINING BIRTHDAY PARTY KIT - 8LB. BAGS - GROUP OF FOUR



Aksone on Dec 2, 2020
Even though this was a gift for my niece I had opened it up to check the items and found the sieve had broken in transit (definitely not on the part of the seller because everything was bubble wrapped very well). Contacted the seller and they were super nice and helpful and was able to get a new sieve to me very quickly! My niece is really going to enjoy her present! Definitely would recommend buying from them! Thank you! ❤8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Ashley on Nov 30, 2020
can’t wait to see my sisters face when she opens it on christmas! thank you!! GIFT WRAPPED "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Grace on Nov 25, 2020
This was SO FUN!! 100% worth all the money spent! I tracked my package everyday because I was so excited and it EXCEEDED my expectations! The gems inside are beautiful and it’s a calming feeling to know that they are naturally sourced by a caring family. 10/10 would recommend. I got my order within 4 days, I love this shop and will definitely be buying from them again! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Tracie on Nov 24, 2020
I got some pretty amazing and beautiful crystals ! Some of my absolute favs ! Will be ordering again very soon ! ❤"BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB

Sluiceboy Prospecting



Learosbeck on Nov 21, 2020
So many stones!! My kids had a blast mining for gems for a bday party- great quality gems and SO many!! GEM MINING BIRTHDAY PARTY KIT - 8LB. BAGS - GROUP OF FOUR



Mia on Nov 12, 2020
it was so much fun !!"BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Zoee on Nov 12, 2020
i loved doing this soo much! my bf and i did it we found so much i def suggest for a rainy day or even a boring day :) 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Alyssa on Nov 11, 2020
Bought this as a gift for my niece and nephew, they had a BLAST! They liked it so much, they would throw everything back in, just so they could redo it! I might get them the gold one for Xmas afterall. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Jamie on Nov 3, 2020
Super fast shipping!! Got this for an Xmas gift. Will see how my son likes it come than. GOLD & GEMSTONE PAYDIRT KIT- MEDIUM



Christie on Oct 28, 2020
A lot more crystals than expected! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB


Morgan K on Oct 26, 2020
I had a fantastic time going through this bag! I was happily surprised by how much I found while doing it. I have tried sluicing bags from a few other sellers just to compare and none of them come close to having the amount of items that were in my bag from this seller. Also, the bag was shipped to me very quickly and was well protected so that it wouldn’t get damaged during shipping. I definitely recommend buying sluicing bags from this seller!!! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB


Tracie on Oct 13, 2020
Will deff purchase again ! Tons of nice pieces ! "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB


Tracie on Oct 9, 2020
We absolutely loved mining ! Found a ton of beautiful pieces. Will definitely be ordering more very soon ! "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB | DELUXE GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRTMining for Gems | Gem Paydirt for Sale!Huge Gem Haul | Sluiceboy Prospecting Paydirt


Aksone on Dec 2, 2020
Even though this was a gift for my niece I had opened it up to check the items and found the sieve had broken in transit (definitely not on the part of the seller because everything was bubble wrapped very well). Contacted the seller and they were super nice and helpful and was able to get a new sieve to me very quickly! My niece is really going to enjoy her present! Definitely would recommend buying from them! Thank you! ❤ 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Christina on Oct 8, 2020
Arrived quickly and entertained the kids for quite a while. They all loved it! Would definitely purchase again. "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB



Bona on Oct 8, 2020
I had the product gift wrapped and it came just as featured in the photo and in a timely manner. Looking forward to giving it to my nephew for his birthday! Thank you!  GIFT WRAPPED "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Nicolas on Oct 8, 2020

Mine for Gems | Sluiceboy Prospecting Gemstone Paydirt



Elaine on Oct 4, 2020
I was so excited to get my bag of paydirt! It was one of my favorite memories growing up and I was excited to share that with my daughter. It did not disappoint! Will definitely buy again."BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Kaitlyn on Oct 2, 2020
This was so great for my godsons birthday party!  "MOTHERLODE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 20LB


Olya on Oct 1, 2020
thank you for fast shipping. they will start digging this week! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Ceader Rose on Sep 28, 2020
Amazing so many crystals! Thank you "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB

Gem Mining at Home



Brenna on Sep 8, 2020
Sent this to my niece for her birthday. Was hoping it would be a good activity for her and her brother. was a HUGE hit. The kids had a blast and it kept them busy for a while. Thank you! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Sumiko on Sep 3, 2020    
Beautiful gems, great product and had lots of fun! GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT 



Danna B. on Aug 28, 2020



Heidi on Aug 23, 2020
I was impressed that the seller took the time to message me and customize a few details for my son’s birthday party. It was a great success, and the boys loved searching for crystals in the mine dirt and had fun afterward sharing their finds with each other. The materials were high quality and the packing was handled with care. All in all, a great experience! GEM MINING BIRTHDAY PARTY KIT - 8LB. BAGS

Gem Mining Birthday Party



justplainhelen on Aug 21, 2020



Sarah on Aug 19, 2020
Worked well for what I needed. Fast shipping! SAND SIEVE CLASSIFIER



Sean N. on Aug 10, 2020
Thanks supper fast shipping .. like always never disappointed. 10X PUSH BUTTON SLIDE MAGNIFIER



Alannah on Aug 5, 2020
Fantastic to sift through! I don't have a backyard that j could set up a bucket with, so I dry sifted, which worked well. Even doing that, it took me almost an hour to separate the sand from the rocks, and the rocks from the gems. Even to rocks are beautiful! They are smooth and look like river rocks. As for the gems, I got a very nice variety and some enormous pieces of s few. I got a beautiful amethyst that fills the palm of my hand. I would definitely recommend this gem paydirt! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Karen on Aug 1, 2020
Exactly as described. Arrived quickly. SAND SIEVE CLASSIFIER



Sumiko on Aug 1, 2020
Shipped on time. Loved how many various rocks, gems were packed into this bag! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Paula on Jul 29, 2020
My son loved this kit and found so many treasures! Thank you! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Ashlee D on Jul 23, 2020
My 9" sand sieve arrived quickly and looks just like the photo. SAND SIEVE CLASSIFIER



rachel on Jun 28, 2020
This is the second bag I got for my son. He got a beautiful natural emerald and the most beautiful piece of amethyst along with an array of other gemstones. We can’t wait to receive our next bag! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Jon on Jun 25, 2020
It was very fun! Definitely found some beauties, and will order again from here. "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



mahaliasmama on Jun 2, 2020
Cute kit. Lots of fun! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT


on Aug 4, 2020
Omg!!! This is so much fun!! Just ordered a gold panning kit. Will buy from again!! Thank you!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 18LBS PAYDIRT



Daphne N. on July 29, 2020
Awesome bags of dirt. my son and I mined lots of gems and had so much fun. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB

Joel on Jul 28, 2020
I used this for a kids geology class and we used small Petri dishes to "pan" the gold. Every kid found several small flakes and all were excited. I would definitely buy again. 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT



paul w on Jul 15, 2020
My daughter is thrilled. Super fast shipping. Many thanks will order again. The below pic is after processing just a few scoops of the paydirt. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Darci on Jul 13, 2020
I love the rocks and minerals. They are of good quality. Product shipped on time with no problems. I really enjoyed shopping from them and I will buy from them again in the future. GIFT WRAPPED "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Nicole on Jul 11, 2020 
So much fun! My toddler loves collecting rocks in the backyard so we got this and she loved it. We filled a 5 gallon tub with about 5 inches of water, got an old colander and spent about an hour just playing. Then I used the rocks she didn’t want as a top layer on my potted cactus so a win win! "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



cindy on Jul 10, 2020
Great seller. Great communication!! Recommend!! 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT



cindy on Jul 10, 2020
This seller went out of his way to make this a fun experience for me. I highly recommend!! Thank you again for being so kind and for a fun product!! 1LB GOLD PAYDIRT



AKRiley on Jul 8, 2020
This was a HUGE success for my 6-year old niece! She thought it was absolutely magical - both mining for "real gems" and organizing them/studying them after the fact. A fantastic, completely unique gift. Couldn't be happier!!  GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



bonnie on Jul 7, 2020
fun gift for quarantined kiddos! Thank you! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT


rachel Soran
 Jun 28, 2020
This is the second bag I got for my son. He got a beautiful natural emerald and the most beautiful piece of amethyst along with an array of other gemstones. We can’t wait to receive our next bag!  "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB

Sluiceboy Gemstones



rachel Soran Jun 28, 2020
This was AWESOME!! My 5 year old was so excited about the stones he found, it’s all he’s talked about. He sat with the identification card and his rock & mineral book comparing his stones with the pictures. The excitement on his face as we poured the water, shook the sand off and revealed a stone was priceless. We just ordered our 3rd bag and will definitely be back for more. I am thrilled beyond words to have found this. 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Jon on Jun 25, 2020
It was very fun! Definitely found some beauties, and will order again from here.



Esther on Jun 18, 2020
This is our second bag and my kids loved it! We got many different kinds of gems and it was fun to use the sieve and trowel in a bucket. Even the loose stones that came with it are pretty. We cleaned them and put them in a glass bowl as decor. Very natural.
Customer service is awesome and so prompt! I really appreciate how they answered my questions and even put in something extra for my kid in the second bag, who squabbled over the first bag over a specific gem."BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



Patti on Jun 18, 2020
perfect for my needs and fast shipping. Thanks! SAND SIEVE CLASSIFIER



Cassandra on Jun 10, 2020
My son absolutely loved it! Great gift idea. Shipping was fast an they were great with getting back to iur questions as well. We'll back. He said "Y'all gotta do more YouTube videos too" :) Thank Again..  "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Rebecca on Jun 9, 2020
Greatest gift ever for a great friend(: "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



mahaliasmama on Jun 2, 2020
Cute kit. Lots of fun! 8 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Melissa on May 26, 2020
So pleased with my new gold pans! They came quick and look great (2 PACK) DOUBLE-RIFFLE GOLD PANS - 10" & 14"


Stephanie on May 9, 2020
Package arrived quickly and efficiently. My 5 year old had a blast during COVID-quarantine searching for gems! He’s still enjoying them. Thanks for the great kit! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT


MelissaMcTX May 9, 2020
I wish I could leave a 100 star review. This company is so great and absolutely made my son’s 10th birthday the best it could be. We will be buying more and sharing your name to all of our friends. I can’t thank you enough!! He told me “this is the best gift I could ever wish for! "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB


charlotte on Apr 29, 2020
Lots of large, varied stones. I was pleased with the collection I got. I would have loved this as a kid. It’s a good gift for rock lovers of any age. "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Stephanie on Apr 21, 2020
The birthday girl loved this kit! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



linda on Apr 16, 2020
liked it very much. thank you "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



mmcdermott on Apr 14, 2020
Lots of fun. Kids loved it! Thank you 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT



Jayma N Shane on Apr 13, 2020
My son loved it so much he’s buying another with his own money and Asked for more for his birthday lol "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB



Tiffany on Apr 13, 2020
Excellent Thanks great shop owner /'s "RUBY-EMERALD-SAPPHIRE" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 5LB


Jamie Coble on Apr 13, 2020
Absolutely perfect! This was my 4 year old's favorite gift from the Easter Bunny! Super fast shipping and excellent communication from seller. The gems were all large and gorgeous!Will definitely be a returning customer! 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT 



Suzanne Apr 10, 2020
So excited to hunt for rocks with my little ones. The seller made it clear that shipping would be delayed due to covid 19 however it didn’t take long and it’s incredible. "BEGINNERS LUCK" GEMSTONE PAYDIRT - 8LB



mercedes070402 on Apr 3, 2020
I purchased this for my niece for her birthday and she LOVED it!! Fast shipping as well. Thank you!! :) 5 LB. GEM MINING KIT



Maribeth Robertson on Apr 3, 2020
We are behind pleased with our purchase! The items arrived in a timely manner and communication with the shop was fantastic. The quality of items purchased was great and our kids loved looking for their gems! We highly recommend this shop. Thank you! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT 


etsyerin131 on Mar 25, 2020
Bought this gift for my sister-in-law for her birthday. She went crazy! She absolutely loved finding her gems!! Definitely recommend for all the gem lovers out there of all ages! Thank you Sluiceboy!!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT 



Nicole on Mar 18, 2020
The whole process was magnificent. He messaged me through out the whole process and the order came faster than said on ticket. The gem finding was so much fun! The kids and I loved loved loved it all! And the crystals and gems you get is above and beyond what you would expect. Give em a try you wont be disappointed!! GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT 



Lisa on Mar 8, 2020
Fantastic! Helpful Conversation beginning to end! Amazing goodie bags. Kids loved them. *CUSTOM ORDER*



Deborah on Feb 5, 2020
I am very happy with my purchases from sluiceboy prospecting. there is always a variety of different gems small and medium sizes, and my Grandchildren are thrilled with this as a gift. Even their parents love seeing what they get. Thank You Sluiceboy Prospecting. GEM MINING KIT WITH 10LBS PAYDIRT



neil on Mar 13, 2020
Shipped really fast. 7.5OZ GOLD PAYDIRT