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The Perfect Kit for ANY Gold & Gemstone Lover!


(1) 5lb. bag of Gemstone Paydirt "Beginner's Luck"

(1) 5lb. bag of  Gemstone Paydirt "Ruby-Emerald-Sapphire"

(1) 7.5oz. bag of Gold Paydirt

(1) 8" Double-Riffle Gold Pan

(1) 10" Double-Riffle Gold Pan

(1) - 9" Classifier Sieve of Random Color
If you'd prefer a specific color, please add to notes at check

(1) Snifter Bottle

(1) Glass Vial

(1)  Gem Identification Chart 

Plus FREE "Gold & Gem Screening Tips"

 This material contains gems such asAmethyst, Pyrite, Sodalite, Opal, Quartz, Calcite, Flourite, Topaz,  Aventurine, Jasper, Citrine, Moonstone, Kyanite, Amazonite, Fuschite, 
Tiger’s Eye & More!
 Every bag contains 1lb+ of natural gemstones - as well as what's naturally occurring in the paydirt. These gems are raw, uncut & unpolished.  The gems in the chart are some of the types of gems you will find in this material.

Our Gold Paydirt is guaranteed to have gold in every pan. 

This 7.5oz bag contains smaller/fine gold.

Classify material & screen for gems with our sturdy classifying screen.

Our high quality, double-riffle gold pans feature shallow and deep riffles, allowing gold and other heavy minerals to be easily sifted & extracted.

Suck up the gold with our Snifter vacuum bottle! Comes with a screw-on cap for easy storage.
Store your gold in our glass vial - made of glass with a plastic, screw-on cap.


Your satisfaction is always our priority at Sluiceboy Prospecting! 

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Raw material from creeks and rivers, although cleaned with a magnet & triple -checked, has potential to contain items such as but not limited to - foreign objects,metals, glass, fishing weights, organic matter etc.