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Great for birthdays & other events!
(4)  7.5oz bags of Gold Paydirt Concentrates - Guaranteed Gold!
(4)  8 " Double-Riffle Gold Pans
Black, or Green - Select from Drop-Down Menu Above!
 (4) 3 oz. Snifter Bottles
(4) Glass Vials
+FREE "Gold Panning Tips"

When sampling for a paystreak, we save our concentrates from our sluiceboxes. Then, we simply sell the cons to others that enjoy finding gold - without all the heavy cost and hard work! All of our material is guaranteed to have gold in every pan. These 7.5oz bags contain fine gold!

Our high quality, double-riffle gold pans feature shallow and deep riffles, allowing gold and other heavy minerals to be easily sifted & extracted.

Suck up the gold with our Snifter vacuum bottles! Come with screw-on caps for easy storage.

Store your gold in our glass vials - made of glass with plastic, screw-on caps.

 For a Group Activity

You will need some type of container with water (Kiddie-Pool works great for everyone to do it together)

Gold panning can be difficult if inexperienced, so we recommend this activity for events with an older crowd. We do not recommend for children under 12 :)