Gold Mining Kit | Large + Black Sand Magnet

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(1)  2.5lb. bag of Gold Paydirt Concentrates - Guaranteed Gold
(1) 12 inch, Double-Riffle Gold Pan 
(1) Black Sand Magnet: 8lb Pull!
(1) 3 oz. Snifter Bottle
(1) Glass Vial

When sampling for a paystreak, we save our concentrates from our sluiceboxes. Then, we simply sell the cons to others that enjoy finding gold - without all the heavy cost and hard work! All of our material is guaranteed to have gold in every pan. This 2.5lb bag contains "pickers", as well as smaller/fine gold.

Our high quality, double-riffle gold pans feature shallow and deep riffles, allowing gold and other heavy minerals to be easily sifted & extracted.

Suck up the gold with our Snifter vacuum bottle! Comes with a screw-on cap for easy storage.

Remove iron based black sands or magnetite from your gold with our black sand magnet - featuring a quick release handle!

Store your gold in our glass vial - made of glass with a plastic, screw-on cap.