Sieve & Shovel Set

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Perfect Tools for Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting! No Metal!
(1) - Plastic Prospector's Scoop
(1) - Plastic Hand Shovel
(1) - Plastic Sieve of Random Color
If you would prefer a specific color, let us know in "notes" section at checkout
(1) - Glass Vial
Our 10" Classifier is a must-have item for gold panning and mineral recovery. This classification screen will aid your efforts by sorting your raw materials based on size. 

This 11" heavy-duty plastic shovel will not bend or break while digging up hardened dirt clods or tougher soil. Measurements on spade!
Scoop up anything from sand to gravel with our 12" durable Prospector's Scoop!

Store your treasures in our glass vial - made of glass with a plastic, screw-on cap.