Prospector's Lightweight Sluicebox Kit - Perfect for Remote Locations!

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GET READY TO FIND GOLD! This kit includes everything that you may need you prospect! With foldable, collapsible, & lightweight features - you are able to carry everything to the most remote locations! Total Weight of entire kit is only 11 pounds!
(1) 30" Light Weight Green Sluice Box With Shoulder Strap & 2 Carabiners
(1) Steel Tri Fold Shovel with Carrying Case
(3) Heavy-Duty Plastic, Double-Riffle Gold Pans
(1) Prospector's Scoop
(1) 8lb Pull Black Sand Magnet, Quick Release Handle
(1) 5lb Pull Black Sand Magnet, Pen-Style with Clip
(1) Snuffer Bottle
(1) 12 Pack of Glass Vials
Sluicebox Specs: 
• 48" adjustable 3-point carrying strap
• 10" channel width
• 16" mouth width
• 3" wall height
• 4 riffle styles
 - consisting of V- Shape, Micro, Square and Hungarian
This Foldable Shovel is designed to be compact and stored in its oxford nylon pouch. Constructed of heat-treated steel for durability. 
Pans feature shallow and deep riffles, allowing gold and other heavy minerals to be easily sifted & extracted.
Scoop up anything from sand to gravel with this 12", durable Prospector's Scoop!
Magnetic Separator Pick-Up tools are great to have on hand during the last stage of cleaning up your gold.
Suck up the gold with this Snuffer vacuum bottle!
View your gold or treasure closely with this 2", compact magnifying glass. Just push the button and it will extend to 3"! 10x  Magnification - Acrylic Lens (Diameter 3/4")
Store your treasures in glass vials. LeakProof. Includes plastic, screw-on caps.